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Yapur in Red After ITT


The midpoint of the 2016 Valentine Tour, the 12 mile ITT, ended this morning with Juan Manuel Yapur (Team Yapurland) emerging as the new leader of the tour. The anticipation of any separation that this stage would bring was not entirely on point. There remains no considerable time gaps among the GC candidates. What has become apparent is the validation of who those candidates really are. Byron Pope (Benny’s Megabytes), Joel Borland (DigiCell 4G), Chris Harkey (Team Starlight), Brandon Cattouse (C-Ray Road Addikz) are all within 33 seconds of new leader Yapur.

Pulling up a chair to table is Oscar Quiroz (Western Spirit) who sits 20 seconds back. Quiroz may have been overlooked because of his recent absence from the peloton in the second half of 2015. In a recent interview just before the tour, he said that this tour will give him an opportunity to feel out his legs and see where he is at this point in his return. Quiroz is always a contender when he races and admits that this year, even with the late start, his enthusiasm has returned.

Nissan Arana (Westrac Alliance) now sits 43 seconds back after what appear to be a time penalty of about 10 seconds. Apparently, there was an issue of the positioning of his service vehicle at particular point on the course. In any case, Arana rounds out the top 7 riders within a minute of the GC.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the day was Giovanni Lovell (DigiCell 4G) who now stands 1:13 back after a faulty start to his time trial run. Lovell was inexplicably not at the starting block when he was due and barely made it in time for a good start. This faulty episode disrupted what could have been a good GC combination attack by DigiCell with him and Borland.
The GC teams now hope to make it out of this afternoon’s circuit stage unscathed and settle their differences tomorrow on the road.

General Classification after Stage 3

1 YAPUR Juan Manuel (MEX) Team Yapurland 4:07:49
2 BORLAND Joel Adan (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:00:11
2 HARKEY Chris (USA) Team Starlight 0:00:11
4 CATTOUSE Brandon (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:00:18
5 QUIROZ Oscar Jr (BIZ) Western Spirit Cycling Team 0:00:20
6 POPE Byron (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:00:33
7 ARANA Nissan (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:00:43
8 FLOWERS Tarique (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:01:01
9 STEWART Robert Liam (BIZ) Western Spirit Cycling Team 0:01:11
10 LOVELL Giovanni (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:01:13
11 ROBATEAU Keion (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:01:30
12 VANEGAS Joel (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:01:33
13 AVILA BALAM Luis Jose (MEX) Team Yapurland 0:01:38
14 REQUENA Herman (BIZ) Team SMART 0:01:56
14 MIDDLETON Erwin (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:01:56
16 VASQUEZ Ron (BIZ) Western Spirit Cycling Team 0:02:00
17 FLYNN David (USA) Team Starlight 0:02:01
18 FIGUEROA Zahir (BIZ) BECOL Uprising Cycling Team 0:02:08
18 GABOUREL Kent (BIZ) Unattached 0:02:08
20 STAINE Mark (BIZ) Team SMART 0:02:14
21 TZIB Angel (BIZ) BECOL Uprising Cycling Team 0:02:35
22 GUERRA Jesmar (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:02:41
23 CANO Tariq (BIZ) Team SMART 0:02:47
24 BARROW Darnell (BIZ) Team SMART 0:02:53
25 JOSEPH Fitzgerald (BIZ) LAMPAZ Cycling Team 0:02:57
26 LESLIE Phillip (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:02:58
27 SANTIAGO Richard (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:03:02
28 ABRAHAM Delawn (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:03:09
29 HENDERSON David (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:03:22
30 CHOTO Jose (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:03:23
31 WILLACEY ISAIAH (BIZ) Unattached 0:03:33
32 CASASOLA Leroy (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:03:34
33 MORIERA Henry (BIZ) Team SMART 0:03:38
34 COLEMAN Elston (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:03:53
35 JONES Shane (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:04:04
36 HAMILTON Quinton (BIZ) Unattached 0:04:55
37 GLADDEN Kenroy (BIZ) Unattached 0:05:19
38 CHOTO Peter (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:05:27
39 MORGAN Brandon (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:05:33
40 MARIANO Robert (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:05:59
41 BUTLER Philton (BIZ) Unattached 0:06:16
42 SWASEY Kevin (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:16:22
43 McKENZIE Ron (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:18:18
44 LOVELL George Sr (BIZ) Unattached 0:19:58
45 CHOTO Rafael (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:22:34

ED NOTE: According to the Cycling Federation of Belize, Nissan Arana was officially penalized 15 seconds

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