Weekend Warriors 2016 Mid Year Calendar

Weekend Warriors 1/2 Year 2016 Race Schedule

Series and Classics will be ridden separately

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Date(2016) Race (Class) Route Mls Status
Jan-31 Race-1 (A/B) Crooked Tree Junction to Leslie's Imports 40 Result
Jan-31 Race-1 (C) Maskall Juntion to Leslie's Imports 30 Result
Feb-07 Race-2 (ALL) Individual Time Trail 12 Result
Feb-21 Race-3 (A/B) Rockville to Busman Arnold Hill 40 Result
Feb-21 Race-3 (C) Democracia to Busman Arnold Hill 30 Result
Mar-06 Race-4 (A/B) Orange Walk to Yo Creek Road 40 TBD
Mar-06 Race-4 (C) Orange Walk to Yo Creek Road 30 TBD
Mar-20 Race-5 (A/B) Mile 10 to Armenia 40 TBD
Mar-20 Race-5 (C) Rockville to Armenia 30 TBD
Apr-03 Cross Country (A) La Loma Luz to Leslie's Imports 68 Result
Apr-03 Cross Country (B) R/Creek to Leslie's Imports 49 Result
Apr-03 Cross Country (C) Cotton Tree to Leslie's Imports 42 Result
Apr-15 WW Tour S-1 (ALL) Leslie's – Hattieville – Leslie's 30 TBD
Apr-16 WW Tour S-2 (ALL) Individual Time Trail 12 TBD
Apr-16 WW Tour S-3 (ALL) Boom Junction to Leslie's Imports 30 TBD
Apr-17 WW Tour S-4 (ALL) Leslie's to Compre (Belmopan) 50 TBD
May-08 Criterium (ALL) Marine Parade Circuit Laps TBD
May-15 Palas BDay (Open) Leslie's – Mile 25 – Leslie's 46 TBD
May-29 Sunday Race (Open) Leslie's – Mile 21 – Leslie's 38 TBD
Jun-05 ITT Champ (ALL) Individual Time Trail 12 TBD
May-12 Road Champ (A) St. Margaret's to Leslie's Imports 68 TBD
May-12 Road Champ (B) Armenia to Leslie's Imports 57 TBD
May-12 Road Champ (C) Belmopan to Leslie's Imports 50 TBD