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Early this afternoon, May 10, 2016, the Cycling Federation of Belize announced the new dates for Elite Men/Women and Junior Men cycling tours. Tours for all three categories were postponed from their original dates of April 20-24 for Elite Men and May 13-15 for Elite Women and Junior Men. The federation remained mute on the issue at that time and two teams, particularly C-Ray and SMART, publicly sought answers. Since there was no further apparent protest, the federation, we assume, made direct contact with the teams. Speaking with CFB Vice President Orson Butler regarding the postponement, and subsequent release today, he cited changes in the Pan American Cycling Championship schedule and Belize’s hope of participating. Below is an outline of the scheduled tours as outlined by the CFB release.

Tour of Belize – Elite Men
The local tour for Elite Men was originally scheduled for April 20 to 24, but was postponed until further notice. The tour for Elite Men is now scheduled for June 10 to 12 as follows;

June 10th – 5:30am
Road race from Leslie’s Imports Belize City to Data Pro on the Burrell Boom By-Pass and return (50 miles)

June 11th – 7:00am
Team Time Trial from CDS Gas Station to Leslie’s Imports (23 miles)

June 11th – 2:00pm
Circuit race – 2 laps (24mls/lap): Sand Hill – Altun Ha

June 12th – 9:00am
Circuit Race – 2 laps (38mls/lap): Garbutt Services Station – La Loma Luz

The tour is restricted to teams with a minimum of 4 and maximum of 5 riders. When asked about the five man limitation per team, CFB vice president Orson Butler explained that they reviewed the field and based on the configuration of current teams the decision was made in the interest of fair competition. Teams that will be affected by this regulation include DigiCELL 4G, SMART, and Westrac Alliance. These teams have featured more than 5 riders thus far on their 2016 rosters. Obviously, the riders cannot be prohibited from participating so the teams will be allowed to split to accommodate the difference, A and B, if you will. Butler insists that such a parameter is not uncommon and indicated that it makes sense especially considering the TTT in a short tour. In that TTT, 3 riders are required to finish and the time of the final rider is applied.

Tour of Belize
Junior Men/Elite Women
The local tour for Junior Men and Elite Women will run concurrently from June 4th to 5th. This event was previously scheduled for May 13th to 15th, but similar to that of the Elite Men, was unceremoniously postponed. Both categories will follow the same courses at separate time intervals.

June 4th – 7:00am
Individual Time Trial – Mile 8 to Leslie’s imports (6 miles)

June 4th – 2:00pm
Circuit Race Burrell Boom Village Circuit 12 laps (3.4mls/lap)

June 5th – 9:00am
Leslie’s Imports to Busman Arnold (60 miles)

20160510_KaydinePineloKaydine Pinelo (SMART) led the charge and won the Junior Cross Country Classic in March

The most dominant junior team this year has been SMART with Ernest Bradley and Kaydine Pinelo, followed closely by Cabral/Marin. All junior races, thus far, this year have been decided in the final 100 yards. This three stage tour is compact and does not leave much room for any rider to add significant time. The time trial is, ordinarily, a good place to add separation, but the 6 mile course is too short and too flat to make a difference. The final stage is an uphill finish and teams will no doubt look to attack their rivals early.

20160510_KayaAliciaAlicia Thompson, left and Kaya Cattouse, right in the Women Cross Country Classic in March

The women haven’t raced since the Cross Country Classic in March where Kaya Cattouse (C-Ray) clipped Alicia Thompson (Belize Bank/Swoosh) at the line to claim her second title. This year has been a battle between Thompson and Cattouse – a battle which will no doubt continue in this tour. Similar to the Junior Men, the critical final stage starts on the coastal flats in Belize City and enters the rolling terrain in the Cayo District to end atop Busman Arnold Hill.

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