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Thompson Completes The Hat Trick


Belize City, BELIZE

Alicia Thompson (Belize Bank Swoosh) completes the hat trick by winning all tree stages in the CFB DigiCell Valentine Mini Tour 2015. Today’s final stage feature a 47 mile road race and going in she had a one second lead over Shalini Zabaneh (Team Sagitun) and seventeen seconds over 2014 champ Kerah Eiley. At the end of the race the podium would mirror the classification from the previous stage as Thompson walked away from Zabaneh and Eiley in the final three hundred yards to take the stage.

We asked her to share what transpired.

Words by Alicia Thompson (Belize Bank Swoosh)

I went into the race with a lead of 1 second so all I needed to do was finish the race with Shalini and not allow her to come in alone and that would be enough for the win. That’s exactly what I did. The race was a little slow and I just had to have patience to stay with them coming in and sprint at the end if I have to.

The race was slow but it gave Shalini and her team an opportunity, more so the new girls, a chance to actually feel the ride with the other cyclists. I think it was a good thing because if the race was fast and we, the more experience riders, just left them, they would have just ridden at the back by themselves; but because the race was slower they stayed with us all the way to Hattieville [15 miles out] which was a good experience for them.

I had exited [cycling] being a part of the podium. However, I took a break but now am back with a new coach and a new approach to training and am taking the opportunity to see how it works and so far its going well. I started out last year with some close ones [races] and I think I won a couple. I started this year very good so am hoping that I complete the year the same way; meaning a win for the cross country because that’s my goal. That’s the only championship I don’t have under my belt along with the road championship. So that’s my goal for this year to try to capture both. I think I need those on my resume to be considered on of the top athletes in cycling.


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