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SMART Juniors Win Labor Day Classic


On Friday May 1, 2015, the SMART Zoom Junior Cycling Team topped the podium for the third straight race on the CFB Calendar; this time in the 10th Annual Pablo Marin Labor Day Classic. Darien Anderson finished first in the four man sprint that included teammate Kaydine Pinelo, who took second, Jalen Castillo (Shake N Bake), who took third and Shaun Codd (Chavarria Cycling Club) who cross the line in the fourth spot. This foursome orchestrated a breakaway on the return leg of the 40+ mile race that brought them all the way to the line where SMART had the advantage and secured the win. Anderson’s win almost never happened as he experienced some mechanical problems with his back wheel early in the race. Fortunately, he was able to rejoin the peloton a few miles later, which according to his coach, re-energized the team because they had high hopes for the day and their leader was back on track.

The recent success of the SMART started with the addition of Kaydine Pinelo before the Belmopan Classic on March 15, in which he placed first giving them their first major classic victory. That performance was followed by their dominance in the Junior Cross Country Classic on March 29 where they finished 1-2-3.

After the race on Friday Pinelo shared his experience in the end of this race and with the team so far. Pinelo explained, “Well, the sprint was for me because Darien said he was already burned out so he would set me up with the lead out. Toward the end I was gambling with Codd to get him off my wheel, but coming in at the roundabout Codd jumped out and I jumped behind him; then on the other side of the road I saw Darien taking off for the sprint and I went behind him and Jalen ended up behind me and that was the victory”. When asked about his comfort level on this team thus far, Pinelo remarked, “Darien and I have started to tag team a lot because we’re really getting to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We know he is a better sprinter and I am better pacer so I can help him coming into the sprints to get the wins that benefit the team.” While Pinelo seems to be settling in, the team’s confidence is high going into the Nationals this June. Dennis Black of the coaching staff asserts, “We don’t really feel threatened because our team is a very strong team right now, so we’re just going to go out there and be ourselves and get the big W”.

One team that’s keen on upsetting the SMART run is the Shake N Bake Cycling Team whose overall performance as a team seems to be improving. Jalen Castillo finished third and Coby Castillo finished seventh. Cabral/Marin’s top duo of Anthony Marin and Brian Sutherland was unable to crack the top five spot this race but remains formidable. Noticeably absent from the event was Yan Cattouse, who according to his father and coach, had academic commitments.

The top finishers for the day were;

Junior Category
1. Darien Anderson (SMART Zoom)
2. Kaydine Pinelo (SMART Zoom)
3. Jalen Castillo (Shake N Bake)
4. Shaun Codd (Chavarria Cycling Club)
5. Patrick Williams (SMART Zoom)

Youth Category
1. Jalen Castillo (Shake N Bake)
2. Shaun Codd (Chavarria Cycling Club)
3. Patrick Williams (SMART Zoom)

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