Ocean Rides To The Reef


Belmopan City, BELIZE

Yesterday, February 9, 2015, OCEANA Belize announced its second annual Ride to the Reef to be held on March 15, 2015. The ride is scheduled as part of Reef Week which runs from March 9 to March 15. Reef Week was started in 2013 by OCEANA Belize to highlight the significance of the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, and its invaluable contributions to the local marine economy. The week culminates with a Reef Fair, in Belize City, where OCEANA partners with local conservation NGOs to emphasize the importance of preserving and protecting our marine resources.

According to Alain Alexis, Project Assistant at OCEANA Belize, the ride as well as other Reef Week activities, is intended to increase awareness of OCEANA’s work, particularly, three current campaigns; No to offshore drilling, protecting juvenile fish and banning gill nets. Alexis noted the need to attract diverse audiences to effectively increase awareness for their efforts at OCEANA. He also acknowledged that the continued growth of the Belize cycling community makes the Reef Ride a very practical initiative.

The ride starts at Independence Hill in Belmopan City at 10:30am on Sunday March 15, and flows east in the direction of the reef to end at the BTL Park in Belize City. Registration is free and can be done at Ordonez Bike Shop in Belize City, Garbutt’s Service Station in Roaring Creek or by contacting Alain Alexis at Basic bike services, refreshments and snacks will be provided for participants free of cost.

In 2014, participation was impressive for a first time ride as 98 riders took part. In a 2014 article entitled “The Rise of The Charity Ride”, written by VP of OCEANA Belize, Janelle Chanona, for The Tradition magazine, she expressed their determination to get 200 riders in 2015. With the Cycling Federation of Belize hosting the Annual Belmopan Cycling Classic on the same day, that target may not be so easy. Nonetheless, OCEANA’s mission has never been easy, but they have been making waves with their recent campaigns; waves they hope to ride all the way to the reef.

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