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Kaydine Pinello celebrates SMART Homecoming with a Win


Kaydine Pinello (SMART Zoom Cycling Team) crossed the finish line solo this afternoon to take the 2015 SMART Belmopan Classic Junior road race. Shaun Codd (Chavarria Cycling Team) finished second, also solo, after he was dropped by Pinello with less than 10 miles to go. On the return leg of the 60 mile race, the duo had opened sizeable gap on the splintering peloton behind them to close all uncertainty about the first two spots. SMART Zoom team coach Leon Hernandez said that their strategy coming in was to be conservative early but to watch for any moves because the tail wind leaving Belize City would allow for a gap to be created fairly quickly and the head wind on the return would make it difficult to close anyone with a decent lead. However, Pinello and Codd jumped out early leaving the city to open up a gap on the peloton hovering around a minute. With his rider out front, Hernandez encourage him to work with Codd to maintain a steady lead until about 10 miles out after which they could push harder to discourage any advances from the peloton.

Pinello recounted his trek with Codd by saying that he was wondering if he could set a strong pace to shake him off. Both guys worked together on the return, sharing the station prizes, but on the last station prize, just about ten miles out, Pinello thought he would take it, but Codd beat him to it. Pinello said, “After the station prize I attacked him and noticed a gap opening and tried to maintain that gap and that was it; today was a win for me”. He added that Codd is a strong rider and if it came down to a sprint that would be a gamble because he believes that Codd is quicker out the saddle, while he is the stronger pacer. That skill worked in his favour today and team manager Michael Williams was pleased with the result. “Well am very happy because this is the first time we’ve won a major classic, and our juniors, am very proud of these guys”, said Williams. Williams also expressed satisfaction with the job teammates Darien Anderson and Earnest Bradley did to hold off the peloton from making gains while Pinello was out front.

With 1 and 2 fully secured, any excitement for the fans at the finish line would have to come from the remaining riders as they competed for the final vacancy on the podium. At 11:27am, a group of 11 riders came across the start/finish line to start their single lap to complete the race and earn the final podium spot. This group included Shane Jones (Chavarria Cycling Club), Darien Anderson (SMART Zoom Cycling) and Yan Cattouse (C-Ray Cycling Team) who finished first, third and fifth, respectively, in the Valentine Mini Tour last month. Yan Cattouse out-kicked Jalen Castillo (Shake N Bake) to take third while Darien Anderson followed Castillo to round out the top five.

An interesting note to this event was that Pinello and Codd are very familiar with each other. Running out ahead of the pack was no accident as both riders are very strong juniors and this is a style that they both have used before. Both riders were also recent teammates on Team Police before joining their new teams. Pinello left Team Police rather abruptly between the Krem New Year’s Day Classic, where he placed second, and before the Valentine Tour where he also placed second. His intention was to join the SMART Zoom team all along, however, the teams were unable to iron out issues before the Valentine’s Tour.

The unofficial top ten finishers are listed below.

  1. Kaydine Pinello (SMART Zoom Cycling Team)
  2. Shaun Codd (Chavarria Cycling Club)
  3. Yan Cattouse (C-Ray Cycling Team)
  4. Jalen Castillo (Shake N Bake Cycling Team)
  5. Darien Anderson (SMART Zoom Cycling Team)
  6. Damien Usher (Shake N Bake Cycling Team)
  7. Michael Grajales (Mandos Cycling Team)
  8. Anthony Lewis (Team Police)
  9. Shane Jones (Chavarria Cycling Club)
  10. Leigthon Lord (Team Police)

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