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Kaya Cattouse Wins Belmopan Classic 2016


The 2016 running of the Belmopan Classic for Elite Women finished the same way it did last year. Kaya Cattouse (C-Ray Cycling) besting Alicia Thompson (Belize Bank/Swoosh) in the sprint finish. The 60 mile ride started in Belmopan City heading and headed east on the Western Highway for a 30 mile loop to finish back in Belmopan City.

Although she did not get the win, Alicia Thompson said the race went well for her. She recounted the attack by Patricia Chavarria (C-Ray Cycling) and the work she and the DigiCell riders put in to reel her in some six miles later. “Right after that her teammate, Kaya, attacked and although we had just caught her [Patricia] I reacted and went along with Kaya“, Thompson recalls. “Myself and Kaya, we rotated our way back to the finish line“. This duet has become quite familiar in the women’s finish line. At the end of 2015, Cattouse edged out Thompson for the Pre-Xmas title. On New Year’s Day, Thompson returned the favor for the 2016 Krem Classic. Cattouse did not race in the Valentine Classic on the 14th of February, but she was back today. Thompson gave her account of the finish. “My coach and myself, we had options on how to dominate this race. However, I chose the one that did not allow me to win. It was challenging. I challenged myself by doing that. I tried to do it short. I tried something different from what happened on the first of January, which was very long. So, I realized it was a little bit too short for me”.

Next up is the Women’s Cross Country Classic on March 13th. There was no sprint finish in 2015 as Thompson made an incredible solo run to take the top spot.


Elite Women – Results

1. Kaya Cattouse, C-Ray Cycling – 2:54:38
2. Alicia Thompson, Belize Bank/Swoosh – 2:54:38
3. Patricia Chavarria, C-Ray Cycling – 3:00:06
4. Gabrielle Lovell, DigiCell 4G – 3:01:11
5. Gina Lovell, DigiCell 4G – 3:03:32
DNF. Paulita Chavarria, C-Ray Cycling – 0:00:00

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