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Kaya Cattouse win her 2nd Cross Country Title


At 12:24pm this afternoon, Kaya Cattouse (C-Ray Cycling Team) won the 27th Annual Women’s Cross Country Cycling Classic. It was déjà vu as she out-kicked Alicia Thompson (Belize Bank/Swoosh) just as she had done two weeks before in the Belmopan Classic. The race featured the same participants as the February 28 classic and ended with the same results in the final table.

The race started at 8:00am at the Queen Elizabeth Park in San Ignacio Town and proceeded down the George Price Highway to Belize City where the riders finished at the BTL Park. In the end four ladies entered the city together, Kaya Cattouse and teammate Patricia Chavarria, Alicia Thompson and Gabrielle Lovell (DigiCell 4G). However, the obvious cat and mouse game was between the C-Ray duo and Alicia Thompson. When asked about their effort today by the local media Cattouse said that team work won the race because it was two against one. “Chavarria [Patricia] is a very strong pacer and without Chavarria coming down there I wouldn’t have been able to do it”, said Cattouse. “So Patricia did majority of the pacing for our team and Alicia [Thompson] was forced to match her and I only did half of what they were doing. So when it came down to the tape, I had the legs”.

The work that Thompson did today, as referred to by Cattouse, did land her the Queen of Hills title and number of well-placed primes. Cattouse continued, “We don’t want to be greedy for the stations prizes. We want to get what we can but we won’t fight hard for them. What we will fight for is the tape and guaranteed, if you bring it to the tape I have the legs. I have what it takes to win the sprint. My dad is one of the best veteran sprinters, my brother Brandon Cattouse is one of the best elite sprinters; this is what we do”. Her teammate Chavarria said the original plan was for to get away on a solo run but when that didn’t work they had to change during the race. She did concur with the end result. “I did a lot of work. I couldn’t get away so in the end I had to work for Kaya because she’s the best sprinter”.

After a dominant 2015 where Thompson seemed to have a reserved spot atop the podium, she has fallen to Cattouse in back to back races. Nonetheless, she insists her accomplishments aren’t finished and she has the nationals that she is going after. “Look out for me, am coming”, said Thompson to local reporters.

The battle between Thompson and the C-Ray duo eventually shook the Lovell sisters of DigiCell 4G off the back with a series of short attacks within the last 25 miles of the race. Both Gabrielle and Gina Lovell are working their way back in form and two-time champ Gina hurt the most today. “I’m feeling a lot of pain”, said Gina. ”I guess it’s because I don’t have the endurance. I did put in some training but not enough in terms of the endurance. When I won the cross country back then I had enough miles of training. I trained with the elite guys and I did enough four to six hour racing. Now I’m working as a Captain in the Belize Defence Force so I have more responsibilities, so I have to prioritize some time for training to get back out there. So definitely next year you are going to see me”.

With the win, Cattouse now has a second Cross Country title joining Gina Lovell, Camille Solis, Shalini Zabaneh and Marinette Flowers as the only ladies with more than one title on their resume.

Noteable Mention: 13 year old Paulita Chavarria (C-Ray Cycling Team) finished the race 0:25:06 behind Cattouse in a valiant solo effort off the back.

Final Classification

P Name Team Result
1 Kaya Cattouse C-Ray Cycling 4:24:15
2 Alicia Thompson Belize Bank/Swoosh +0:00:00
3 Patricia Chavarria C-Ray Cycling +0:00:08
4 Gabrielle Lovell DigiCell 4G +0:00:13
5 Gina Lovell DigiCell 4G +0:07:14
6 Paulita Chavarria C-Ray Cycling +0:25:06

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  1. Anigi

    March 14, 2016 at 9:50 am

    From listening to race I am more convinced that Alicia Thompson is the better rider. She worked hard all alone. Kaya sat there and saved your legs for the sprint without Patricia she would have never won. She has the same riding style as her brother. They love to sit on your wheel and allow you to do the hard work.