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Jr CCC ITT Results


The Junior Caribbean Championships kicked off this afternoon in St. Lucia with the Individual Time Trial. The time trial circuit for the youth (cadet) category is 1 lap for 10km (approx. 6.2 miles) and featured 24 riders while there were 23 riders in the junior category doing 2 laps for 20km (approx. 12.4 miles).

The top finishers in the Youth Category were;
Kaden Hopkins (Bermuda), 0:15:28:71 (h:mm:ss:ms)
Jeffery Diaz Revera (Puerto Rico), +0:00:15:77
Jabari Whiteman (Trinidad & Tobago), +0:00:16:04

The top finishers in the Junior Category were;

Tyler Cole (Trinidad & Tobago), 0:32:26:07
Alban Clerc (French Saint Martin), +0:00:07:83
Phaeton Collins (Guadeloupe), +0:00:0815

The top finishers in the Junior Girls Category were;
Alyssa Rowse (Bermuda), 0:17:13:66
Charliette Golderos-Trullio (Puerto Rico), +0:01:59:56
Jougna Baez-Jimenez (Puerto Rico), +0:02:09:41

Belizean youth riders Patrick Williams (pictured below) finished 8th at 1 minute and 6 seconds behind and Gian Lino 14th, 2 minutes and 8 seconds back. Williams said he was not prepared for the inclines he met in the time trial, but was still very hopeful after he caught and put time on two riders that started ahead of him. He started 4th and saw the first rider but he believes the course was too short. Nonetheless, he was grateful for the opportunity and wanted to thank his teammates and Mr Daniel Cano for his help in preparing for this event.


Belizean junior riders Kaydine Pinelo (pictured below) finished 13th at 3 minutes 3 seconds behind and Ernest Bradley 148th, 3 minutes 53 seconds back.


Missing the podium by just under 23 seconds was Jacob Kelly of Barbados who participated in the Junior Cross Country Cycling Classic here in Belize back in March of this year. Unfortunately, he crashed out of that race and did not get to finish.

Tomorrow, at 10:30am local time, is the road race which is 62km (approx. 38 miles) for the youth category in which Patrick Williams, Gian Lino and Trajan Humes are scheduled to participate. At 2pm local is the junior category race which is 100km (approx. 62 miles) and scheduled to participate for Belize is Kaydine Pinelo, Ernest Bradley and Nashen Ysaguirre.

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  1. Ted OG

    July 30, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    Great job Mr. Rhys, I hope that the work you do will generate interest in Belizean cycling and support for the sport. It takes a lot to have thriving teams. Keep doing what you love.