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Gregory Lovell Takes Stage 2 of Valentine Mini Tour


Ignacio Prado (Benny’s Megabytes) maintained his slim lead of five seconds over Brandon Cattouse (C-Ray Road Addikzx) and the top 10 in the general classification remained intact. The race ended in a bunch sprint which saw Gregory Lovell (Digicell 4G) out kick Byron Pope (Benny’s Megabytes) and Deezan Spence (BECOL Uprising Cycling) to take the stage victory. Despite several attacks during the 30 lap, 37.5 miles, circuit race this afternoon, no one was able breakaway from the peloton long enough to make a run for the finish. The field held form for most of the race, shedding the occasional rider unable to keep up the dizzying pace. About a third of the way in Erwin Middleton (Benny’s Megabytes) and Stephen Cabral (Cabral/Marin Cycling) fell victim to obtrusive road furniture going down hard. Middleton would continue but Cabral’s bike snapped in two and his day was done. Luckily the rest of the field was able escape unharmed.

The first promising attack came with 13 laps to go when Givoanni Lovell (DigiCell 4G), Bryon Pope (Benny’s Megabytes) and Delawn Abraham (Benny’s Megabytes) jumped out in the direction of the finish line but were caught by the peloton coming out of the Coney Drive roundabout 1 lap later. With 7 laps to go overall leader Ignacio Prado attacked out of the Coney Drive roundabout but was quickly reeled in by Gregory Lovell, but coming out the St Thomas Street turn Prado attacked again Geovanni Leslie (Santino’s/Ride To Victory) grabbed hold of his wheel. The spectators clearly remember Prado making an impressive solo run to take the 2014 Belmopan Classic and cheered Leslie efforts. The pair was eventually swallowed by the peloton with four laps to go after they seemed poised to walk away with top spots but Leslie seemed satisfied with disrupting Prado’s run denying him any added time advantage going into stage 3. Leslie’s teammate Marlon Castillo was sitting fourteen seconds back of Prado in the general classification and couldn’t afford to lose any time as he was still one spot off the podium in fourth.

The bunch sprint maintained the classification status quo and left stage 3 to be the ultimate deciding event.

When asked if he was happy with the result, DigiCell 4G team manager John Borland said, “A 1, 2, 3 Digicell 4G finish would be perfect, but he was happy with the win by Greg”. After the first stage Borland conceded that Prado would be difficult to topple from the lead spot but was confident in his guys would do well in the circuit race and that their main focus was the road race in the third stage tomorrow.

Below is the top ten listed times going into stage 3;

+01:34:54 Ignacio Prado (Benny’s Megabytes)
-00:00:05 Brandon Cattouse (C-Ray Road Addiktzx)
-00:00:08 Joel Borland (DigiCell 4G)
-00:00:14 Marlon Castillo (Santino’s/Ride To Victory)
-00:00:15 Oscar Quiroz (Western Spirit Cycling Team)
-00:00:17 Nissan Arana (Predators)
-00:00:17 Giovanni Lovell (DigiCell 4G)
-00:00:18 Geovanni Choto (C0Ray Road Addiktzx)
-00:00:21 Byron Pope (Benny’s Megabytes)
-00:00:24 Jose Angel Robles Lopez (Western Spirit Cycling Team)

Download the CFB official overall classification here.



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