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DigiCell 4G Summer Reign Continues


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Yesterday, Joel Borland of DigiCell 4G Elite Cycling Team won the annual King of the Hills circuit race in undulating streets of San Ignacio Town in the western district of Cayo. The course is just over a mile long and features a climb kicking up from five to eight to over thirteen percent before the riders descend to do it twenty four more times in the 25 lap event. Borland along with 2013 Champion Giovanni Choto (C-Ray Road Addikzx) put the field on notice four laps into the race by attacking at the foot of the climb. With riders falling victim to the climb on each passing lap, the outcome would be decided by a select few. Besides Borland and Choto, the hopefuls in the final third of the circuit included Ron Vasquez (Western Spirit), Joslyn Chavarria (DigiCell 4G), Giovanni Lovell (DigiCell 4G), Jesmar Guerra (Unattached) and defending champ Nissan Arana (Western Spirit). Borland made the decisive move with less than five laps to go putting a minute on the lead group in two turns of the course. He would go on to cross the line in solo fashion. Teammate Joslyn Chavarria proved the strongest of the other riders out pedaling the bunch to make it a one-two DigiCell 4G finish. Vasquez took third spot while Choto and Guerra settle for fourth and fifth, respectively. 2014 Champion Nissan Arana, who had battled back to the lead group after falling off a couple times, experienced a flat coming around for the final lap that ended any hopes of a podium finish. The win by Borland closed a notable late season performance for DigiCell 4G after Giovanni Lovell took the National Road Champion and ITT the last weekend of June.

Elite Women
Alicia Thompson (Belize Bank/Swoosh) continued her impressive 2015 season by beating out Shalini Zabaneh (Team Sagitun) and Kaya Cattouse (C-Ray Female Cycling Team) who finished second and third, respectively. This win by Thompson puts her atop the podium for the fifth time in eight events this year. She also has two second place finishes and one third. Noteworthy was the return of Patricia Chavarria who had been absent since the opening race of the 2015 season. Chavarria, in pre-Cross Country Classic interview, admitted to taking time away to focus on her studies. While she did not have the requisite miles in her legs for a winning return, she did sport a new kit; the bright orange/yellow mix of C-Ray Female Cycling Team. The moved had been rumored for some time and her appearance seemed to validate those suspicions. The move comes on the heels of the introduction of the team concept by Team Sagitun. It has long been a notion, among many, that continue to elude female cycling in Belize and we look forward to related developments in future.

Youth/Junior Males
Newcomers emerged victorious in both the Youth and Junior categories. The 2015 Youth champion is Nashen Ysaguirre (Cabral/Marin Cycling) while Ernest Bradley (SMART Zoom) is the 2015 champion in the Junior Category. Ysaguirre and Bradley are both in their first season of racing and have gained more than just participation points thus far. Ysaguirre and Bradley both finished second in their respective categories in the National Road Championships. Additionally, Bradley won the Junior Cross Country Classic on March 29th of this year in impressive fashion. These riders have earned respect of their peers and are worth watching going into next season.

The top finishers for the day were;

Elite Men

  • Joel Borland, DigiCell 4G
  • Joslyn Chavarria, DigiCell 4G
  • Ron Vasquez, Western Spirit
  • Giovanni Choto, C-Ray
  • Jesmar Guerra, Unattached

Elite Women

  • Alicia Thompson, Belize Bank/Swoosh
  • Shalini Zabaneh, Sagitun
  • Kaya Cattouse, C-Ray

Masters Men

  • Liam Stewart, Western Spirit
  • Henry Moreira, SMART Zoom
  • Kenroy Gladden, Outback Ranch

Youth Males

  • Nashen Ysaguirre, Cabral/Marin
  • Patrick Williams, SMART Zoom
  • Gian Lino, Mando’s

Junior Males

  • Ernest Bradley, SMART Zoom
  • Darien Anderson, SMART Zoom
  • Shane Jones, Alliance

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