CFB Calendar 2016

JAN-01-2016-(FRI) KREM New Year's Day Classic Corozal-Belize City
FEB-11-2016-(THU) Valentine Tour (4 days) San Ignacio-Benque-Belize
FEB-21-2016-(SUN) Mount Hope Classic Belize-Mt Hope-Belize
FEB-28-2016-(SUN) Belmopan Classic Belize-Belmopan-Belize
MAR-13-2016-(SUN) Women Cross Country Classic San Ignacio-Belize
MAR-20-2016-(SUN) Junior Cross Country Classic Succotz-Benque-Belize
MAR-26-2016-(SAT) Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic Belize-San Ignacio-Belize
APR-20-2016-(WED) Tour of Belize (5 Days) BELIZE
MAY-01-2016-(SUN) Pablo Marin Labor Day Classic Corozal-Orange Walk-Corozal
MAY-13-2016-(FRI) Tour of Belize (3 Days) BELIZE
MAY-13-2016-(FRI) Tour of Belize (3 Days) BELIZE
MAY-16-2016-(MON) Pan American Cycling Championships ARGENTINA
JUN-17-2016-(FRI) National Individual Time Trial Championship Burrel Boom-Hattieville Circuit
JUN-19-2016-(SUN) National Road Championship Silk Grass-Belmopan-Northern Hwy-Belize
SEP-09-2016-(FRI) Belize City September Criterium Albert-Regent Street Circuit
OCT-15-2016-(SAT) Caribbean Cycling Championship GUADELOUPE
OCT-14-2016-(FRI) Orange Walk By-Pass Criterium Orange By-Pass Circuit
OCT-28-2016-(FRI) Sagitun Banana Classic Savanah Road Circuit
NOV-04-2016-(FRI) UWI Day of Races Marine Parade Boulevard (Belize)
NOV-20-2016-(SUN) TV Ramos Cycling Classic Dangriga-Southern Hwy-Dangriga
DEC-02-2016-(FRI) Alpheus Williams "Aids Day Classic" Belmopan-Belize
DEC-18-2016-(SUN) Ham and Turkey Classic San Ignacio-Belize

The courses for Women and Junior riders are shorter but generally follow the same route.
The Cycling Federation of Belize advises that particulars of these events may be subject to change.

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