CFB 5th Annual Youth Summer Cycling Program


Submitted by: Leticia Westby

The Annual Youth Summer Cycling Program came to a close last Saturday, August 22nd, after eight (8) weeks of fun learning riding and racing techniques and skills.  A total of 44 kids signed up for the program, while 30 completed the camp.

The Camp started with an introduction to the Cycling Federation of Belize and the sport of cycling.  Kids were taught the different parts of the bike and some basic cycling language.  The program saw the collaboration of the Traffic Safety Unit of the Police Force that gave a presentation on cycling and road safety.  In addition, Belize’s best bike doctor, Mr. Andrew Ordonez, of Ordonez Bike shop, was on hand to teach the kids proper basic maintenance and repair.

During the event, there were a few participants who were unable to ride their bikes without their training wheel.  We felt proud that it took them no more than two sessions before they became comfortable riding independently and further participated in our mini competitions that we engaged during the program.

The program also included an opportunity for the kids to ride through parts of the city so they get a feel for riding in traffic.  The racing competition was one of the activities most liked by the kids.

The organizers would like to thank the Cycling Federation of Belize for supporting the program.  The Ministry of Sports for the Petro Caribe Funding. The University of the West Indies Open Campus Belize for their continued collaboration and for providing the venue for the program.  The Belize City Council for allowing us access to the street to conduct the mini races.  The Police Department Traffic Safety Unit and Mr. Andrew Ordonez for facilitating their respective sessions.  Sagicor, Sigertronics, RF&G Insurance Co. Ltd, and Chamberlain Consulting for providing the back to school gifts for the kids.  James and Sophia Muschamp, Michael Arthurs, Pheona Staine, Samira Romero, and Lesley Codd for providing the logistical support and assisting with the coaching sessions.  Special thanks to the participants and most importantly the parents who came out and assisted by filling the gap that was needed to ensure a safe and fun program.

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