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Caribbean Elite Cycling Championships 2015


Belize will be taking part in the 15th Caribbean Elite Cycling Championships 2015 set for next weekend, October 17th and 18th, in Barbados. Belize will join over 19 other countries and over 90 athletes to compete in the event organized by the Barbados Cycling Union with the support of the Pan American Cycling Confederation (COPACI), the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the Caribbean Cycling Federation (CCC).

The Race dates and times are as follows;
Road Individual Time Trial Women, 07:30am Saturday 17 October, 24km
Road Individual Time Trial Men, 08:00am Saturday 17 October, 37.4km
Road Race Women, 08:00am Sunday 18 October, 86.4km
Road Race Men, 11:30am Sunday 18 October, 158.4km

Race Profiles
The Men’s Individual Time Trial Circuit
Location: Mile & Quarter to Norman Niles Roundabout/Return

Circuit Features
Total Distance: 37.4 Km
Highest Point: 138 m
Ascent: 104 m
Lowest Point: 34 m
Net Elevation: 0m
Max. Incline: 1.5%
Min. Incline: – 1.5%



The Women’s Individual Time trial Circuit
Location: Mile & Quarter to Redman Village Roundabout/Return

Circuit Features
Total Distance: 24.0 Km
Highest Point: 138 m
Ascent: 58 m
Lowest Point: 80 m
Net Elevation: 0m
Max. Incline: 1.3%
Min. Incline: -1.3%



Men and Women Road Race Circuit
Location: Bushy Park Circuit

Circuit Features
Distance: 14.40 Km
No. Laps: Men 11, Women 6
Highest Point: 182 m
Ascent: 152 m
Lowest Point: 30 m
Net Elevation: 0m
Total Distance: 154.44 Km
Max. Incline: 5.2%
Min. Incline: – 3.4%



The National Selection for Belize includes;
Brandon Cattouse
Byron Pope
Joslyn Chavarria Jr
Nissan Arana
Ron Vasquez

Alicia Thompson
Kaya Cattouse
Patricia Chavarria

Competitors from other countries are listed below;

Sherwin Osborne
Benjamin Phillip
Justin Hodge
Marlon Davis

Antigua and Barbuda
Robert Marsh
Marvin Spencer
Jyme Bridges
Andre Simon
Tesheed Gordon
Tamiko Butler (Ms.)

Cherley van der Linden (Ms.)

Chris Curry
Roy Colebrook
Chad Albury
Anthony Colebrook
Jay Major

Marrissa Bradshaw (Ms.)
Dominique Marshall (Ms.)
Philip Clarke
Darren Matthews
Gregory Vanderpool
Jamol Eastmond
Joshua Kelly
Edwin Sutherland
Jesse Kelly
Darwin Griffith
Jason Perryman
Russell Elcock

S. Dominique Mayho
Che’quan Richardson

Quinten Winkel
Gyasy Sulvaran
Bryan Van Rutten

Dominican Republic
Wendy Cruz
Addelyn Cruz
Cesarina Bayenilla (Ms.)

French Guyana
Ludovic Dantin
Paerice Ringuet
Christophe Bruneau
Marc Joseph
Geoffrey Valide

Tyron Thomas
Hudson Dowden
Tessimy Viechweg

Marie-Chantal Aurela (Ms.)
Christel Martinez (Ms.)
Chantal Chebah (Ms.)
Boris Carene
Kevin Francillette
Jason Rousseau
Adrian Alidor
Stephane Larochelle

Orville Hinds
Hamza Eastman
Geron Williams
Alonzo Greaves

Marloe Rodman
Peter Thompson
Danzie Stewart

Cedric Eustache
Herve Arcade
Emile Demazy
Ismael Denara
Michael Stanislas
Mathilde Batailler (Ms)
Melissa Alexandri (Ms.)
Yolan Sylvestre

Puerto Rico
Solymar Rivera (Ms.)
Brian Babilonia
Juan Martinezz

Saint Lucia
Fidel Esnard
Stanislas Winston Williams
Sydney Charles
Gillan Moses
Fidel Mangal

St. Kitts and Nevis
Katheryn Bertine (Ms.)

St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Cammie Adams
Orano Andrews
Zefal BaileyEnroy Lewis
Dominic Ollivvierre
Enroy Lewis
Antrobus Lucky

Trinidad and Tobago
Emilte Abraham
Gevan Samuel
Akil Campbell
Sheldon Ramjit
Stepen Alexande
Christiane Farah (Ms.)

Thanks to Mr. Keith Yearwood, President of the Barbados Cycling Union for the information.

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