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C-Ray Saturday Race Series – Week 6


Submitted by Kaya Cattouse, C-Ray Cycling Club

On Saturday March 5th, race number 6 of the C-Ray Saturday Races concluded the series. Initially, there were to be 10 races, but due to other races in between, we were only able to have 6 races. Although the weather wasn’t bright and sunny on Saturday morning on the Boom Road, 20 cyclist showed up (mainly those who were in contention for points) and lined up for the race.

At the sound of the whistle, the race started off rather slower than usually. The pack remained intact up until the first station prize at the Fresh Pond Village which was a gift certificate from Da Bizz BBQ won by junior cyclist from Cabral/Marin Cycling, Anthony Marin, who out sprinted everyone else to the line. Several breaks were formed but none successful. At the second station prize at the prison, a gift certificate for a bike cleaning from Ordonez Bike Shop was up for grabs, Brandon Cattouse decided that his bike needed that clean and jumped out and claimed the prize. At this point, a four man break away was formed, consisting of Byron Pope of Benny’s Megabytes, Brandon Cattouse of C-Ray and both Mark Staine and Henry “Henno” Moriera of Smart.

At the half way point, Hattieville round about, the lead four were only 30 seconds ahead of the main peleton, which didn’t seem to have any interest in bringing them back. The third station prize was on the return at the prison, $25 cash courtesy Card Heating and Cooling, which was taken by Brandon Cattouse. The lead four at this point were working together in an effort to remain out front.

At the garbage dump, the usually spot for the sprint points, this collusion between the four was compromised as Brandon attacked to pass the line first claiming 8pts, followed by Pope who got 6pts and then Mark and Henno who got 4pts and 3pts respectively. Some 2 minutes later, the peleton was approaching the line and the final position for the sprint points which was 2pts was claimed by junior cyclist, Darien Anderson, as he out sprinted the peleton to the line.

At the fourth station prize at the Fresh Pond Village, Brandon attacked again and claimed another $25 cash courtesy Card Heating and Cooling. This seemed to have started something between the 4 because the Smart Team also started attacking. The first attack came from Henno, this move forced Brandon and Pope to chase allowing Mark to sit and get a free ride. When Henno was caught, you would think being that his teammate, Mark, was there sitting he would launch an attack, this wasn’t the reality, all 4 of them lolled. Henno circled around the 3 and launch a second attack! Pope got on the pace and brought him back. By the time this lead group was passing Gentleville, Henno was caught and before you know it he launched a third attack! Pope attempted to bring Henno back and as his luck would have it, a spoke from his rear wheel broke, the wheel started rubbing on the brakes visibly slowing him down. Brandon was forced to take up the pace as Henno was out front making a solo run for the line. Mark sat comfortable on Brandon’s wheel while Brandon kept Henno at a distance close enough where he could “sling shot” across to him close enough to the line.

At the line, we saw the lone figure of Henry “Henno” Moriera coming in the distance then behind him, Brandon Cattouse and Mark Staine, and behind them, Byron Pope. Couple hundred yards away from the line Brandon Cattouse made his move to get across to Henno and pass him before the line. With quick acceleration and proper timing, Brandon did just that, winning the race in a time of 58 minutes 27 seconds, averaging 24mph over a distance of 24 miles. 2nd place went to Mark Staine who for the life of him couldn’t get around the quickness of Brandon. 3rd place went to Henry Moriera and 4th was Byron Pope who had unfortunate mechanical problems.

The peleton approached the line like a stampede. Phillip Leslie (Benny’s Megabytes) edged out junior cyclist and son of the legendary Jawmein, Ernest Bradley (Smart Jr) for 5th place; Bradley 6th. Veteran cyclist, Ray Cattouse (C-Ray), was right there in the action taking 7th place, followed by Darien Anderson (WKC Strikers) 8th, Justin Faux (Unattached) 9th and Anthony Marin (Cabral/Marin Cycling) 10th. Jeshaun Frazer (WKC Strikers) 11th, Ron McKenzie (Alliance) 12th, Collin Maheia 13th, Herman “Hijo” Requena (Smart) 14th and Philton Butler rounded out the top 15.

Special thanks to Stationery House Retail Outlet, Ordonez Bike Shop, Cattouse Trucking, KV Events Planning, Bruce Bike Shop, Freetown Drug Store, Milky Way Restaurant, Da Bizz BBQ, Simmon’s BBQ, Card Heating and Cooling Inc.

This series was held in an effort to better prepare our cyclist for their respective Cross Country; Female 13th March, Junior 20th March and Elite 26th March. After all three races, we will analyze them and see if the cyclists who participated in the C-Ray Series, placed or were factors in the Cross Country.

1st – Ray Cattouse
2nd – Justin Faux
3rd – Collin Maheia

1st – Brandon Cattouse
2nd – Mark Staine
3rd – Henry Moriera
4th – Byron Pope
5th – Phillip Leslie

1st – Ernest Bradley
2nd – Darien Anderson
3rd – Anthony Marin

40 (years) +
1st – Ray Cattouse

50 (years) +
1st – Ray Cattouse

Final Classification after 6 weeks of racing

1st – Brandon Cattouse 168pts C-Ray
2nd – Byron Pope 162 pts Benny’s
3rd – Mark Staine 122pts Smart
4th – Phillip Leslie 120pts Benny’s
5th – Darnell Barrow 111pts Smart
6th – Ray Cattouse 67pts C-Ray
7th – Giovanni Lovell 64pts Digicell
8th – Darien Anderson 61pts WKC
9th – Ernest Bradley 52pts Smart Jr
10th – Ron McKenzie 50pts Alliance
11th – Henry Moriera 44pts Smart
12th – Gregory Lovell 43pts Digicell
13th – Delawn Abraham 41pts Alliance
14th – Nissan Arana 40pts Alliance
15th – Erwin Middleton 38pts Digicell
16th – Kaya Cattouse 35pts C-Ray
17th – Keion Robateau 32pts Alliance
18th – Kenroy Gladden 25pts Unattached
19th – Andre Belisle 23pts Cabral/Marin
20th – Leroy Cassasola 22pts Digicell

1st – Darien Anderson 61pts WKC
2nd – Ernest Bradley 52pts Smart Jr
3rd – Andre Belisle 23pts Cabral/Marin
4th – Jeshaun Fraser 16pts WKC
5th – Anthony Marin 15pts Cabral/Marin

1st – Ray Cattouse 64pts C-Ray
2nd – Kaya Cattouse 35pts C-Ray
3rd – Kenroy Gladden 25pts Unattached

1st – Kaya Cattouse 35pts C-Ray


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