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C-Ray Saturday Race Series – Week 5


Submitted by Kaya Cattouse, C-Ray Cycling Club

Saturday February 20, 2016
C-Ray Race #5
C-Ray Cycling Club’s Saturday Race Series – Race #5 started in front of data pro, turned at the Hattieville round about and finished back at data pro.

Distance: 24 miles
Average Speed: 25.2 mph
Time: 56:05
28 cyclists lined up

1st Brandon Cattouse
2nd Darnell Barrow
3rd Giovanni Lovell
4th Ray Cattouse
5th Stephen Cabral Jr
6th Phillip Leslie
7th Mark Staine
8th Andre Belisle
9th Gian Lino
10th Kaya C. Cattouse

1st Ray Cattouse
2nd Kaya Cattouse
3rd Ryan Willoughby


1st Andre Belisle
2nd Gian Lino
3rd Anthony Marin


40 (years) +
1st Ray Cattouse

50 (years) +
1st Ray Cattouse

1st Kaya Cattouse

Going – (Fresh Pond) Gift certificate from Da Bizz BBQ – Giovanni Lovell
Going – (Prison) Gift certificate from Ordonez Bike Shop – Nissan Arana
Return – (Boom Bridge) $25 from H Guerra Construction – Herman Requena

1st Darnell Barrow
2nd Brandon Cattouse
3rd Byron Pope
4th Phillip Leslie
5th Stephen Cabral

Special thanks to Bruce Bike Shop, Ordonez Bike Shop, Milky Way, Freetown Drug Store, Cattouse Trucking, Da Bizz BBQ, Stationery House Retail Outlet, Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph, Card Heating & Cooling Inc., H Guerra Construction, Simmon’s BBQ

Race #6 at 6:00AM on the 6th March
$5 registration
Come out and RACE!!!

C-Ray Saturday Race Series 2016
Standings after 5 weeks of racing

P Rider Points
1 Byron Pope 134pts
2 Brandon Cattouse 125 pts
3 Darnell Barrow 111pts
4 Phillip Leslie 101pts
5 Mark Staine 88pts
6 Giovanni Lovell 64pts
7 Ray Cattouse 52pts
8 Darien Anderson 46pts
9 Ron McKenzie 45pts
10 Gregory Lovell 43pts
11 Delawn Abraham 41pts
12 Nissan Arana 40pts
13 Erwin Middleton 38pts
14 Ernest Bradley 35 pts
15 Kaya Cattouse 35pts
16 Keion Robateau 32pts
17 Kenroy Gladden 25pts
18 Andre Belisle 23pts
19 Leroy Cassasola 22pts
20 Stephen Cabral 21pts


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