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C-Ray Saturday Race Series – Week 2


Submitted by: Kaya Cattouse, C-Ray Cycling Club

The C-Ray Cycling Club Saturday Race Series continued over the weekend, Saturday 23rd January. Forty one cyclists lined up in six different categories (Men: 17 Elite, 8 Category 4/5, 9 Juniors, 4 40years+, 2 50years+ and Women: 1 Elite). The race finished in 57 minutes and 12 seconds averaging 24.6 miles per hour, making it 1 minute and 28 seconds faster than week #1.

At 6:00 a.m. all 41 cyclists were ready to go at the start line, properly dressed in their thermal wear to manage the 62 degree “cold” weather on the Boom – Hattieville by pass road. At the sound of the whistle, George Abraham was the first to launch an attack; the race speed went up rapidly to 30+ mph for the first half mile of the race. George would try again and again until finally he managed to get away with Brandon Cattouse. They were quickly tracked by the Smart Team that was out there in numbers, 5 men to be exact. As soon as they were caught, George attempted to make a run again. As he got out of the saddle to attack, his chain broke and his right foot flew out the pedal. He tried to bring himself back upright but ended up hitting the pavement to the left, sliding into the middle of the road causing everyone in the peleton to start playing “Dodge the George”. Thankfully, everyone managed to get around the spill. Veteran cyclist Kenroy “Smokes” Gladden stopped and rendered assistance to his friend, helping him to get into the C-Ray vehicle which transported him to the KHMH.

There were several attacks from the Smart and Benny’s Teams leading up to the first station prize. After a few tries, a break was formed by Darnell Barrow, Phillip Leslie and Mark Staine. Approaching the prize at the Prison, Darnell reminded the others that he was the fastest of the three easily taking the Gift Certificate from Da Bizz BBQ. The three would continue to run, at the half way point at the Hattieville round about, they had a 40 seconds lead on the main peleton.

On the return, the chase started, the peleton was stringed off on the road edge. The pace was high and no one was allowed to get a decent shelter. Somewhere after passing the prison, the attacks started and the peleton started to splinter. The lead three were caught! What was left of the main peleton remained intact, or at least until they got to the Dump where the sprint points were. Junior cyclist, Darien Anderson, was adamant about getting sprint points and he attacked just before the line taking the 8 points awarded to the first person to cross the line, Byron Pope was hot on Darien’s wheel collecting 6 points. A gap was opened by the two, Mark Staine, Phillip Leslie and Quinton Hamilton got the remaining 4, 3 and 2 points respectively as Anderson and Pope were being chased.

The Smart Team committed to the chase and as soon as Anderson and Pope were caught just before Fresh Pond, the flag was waving for another Station Prize and this one was claimed by Mark Staine; $25 courtesy Cards Heating and Cooling Inc. Subsequently, another break was formed including Mark Staine (Smart), Phillip Leslie (Benny’s), Erwin Middleton (Digicell) and Quinton Hamilton (Unattached). Looking at the representation in the break, one would automatically think that the only team tasked to do the chasing would be C-Ray. The Smart Team had a different view; seemingly they didn’t have enough confidence in Mark Staine to win amongst the others so they decided to track them down in hopes of delivering their sprinter, Darnell Barrow, to the line.

The chase started as the Smart Team lined up in the front, Tariq Cano was the first to take a pull, taking the speed to 28mph. He did his job bringing the lead 4 very close and pulled off somewhere near Gentleville. Next up was Herman “Hijo” Requena, who automatically took the speed to 30mph. On his wheel was their sprinter, Darnell. The lead out started and Hijo was taking the pace higher and higher. In front, Quinton Hamilton was doing majority of the work to make the break last. Middleton looked back and realize that the peleton was about to swallow them and he started the sprint.


L-R, Byron Pope, Mark Staine, Erwin Middleton, Philip Leslie, Brandon Cattouse

Erwin Middleton crossed the line first giving Digicell the 2 for 2 record in the Series. 2nd place was Mark Staine and Phillip Leslie was 3rd. Brandon Cattouse said thanks to the Smart Team’s lead out train when he jumped out and won the bunch sprint to claim 4th place finishing just seconds behind 3rd place while 5th went to Byron Pope. Ernest Bradley was the first junior finishing 6th overall followed by Darien Anderson in 7th, Darnell Barrow 8th, Ron McKenzie 9th and Ray Cattouse rounded out the top 10 and also claimed 1st in the 50+ Category. Eight more cyclists remained in this peleton; Kaya Cattouse, Philton Butler, Ryan Willoughby, Henry Moriera, Quinton Hamilton, Andre Belisle, Kevin Hope and Herman Requena who finished in that order claimed 11th through 18th respectively. Some five minutes later, Wendell Williams came in solo claiming 19th place. Shortly after, Jeshaun Frazer crossed the line to round out the top 20, Marlon Swift (21st), Sherwin Requena (22nd), Tony Escarpeta (23rd), Nashen Ysaguirre (24th) and Yan Cattouse (25th).


L-R, Andre Belisle, Ernest Bradley, Darien Anderson

Notably, George Abraham suffered a broken collar bone, three cracked ribs and some scrapes and bruises from his spill. He will be off the bike for at least 6 weeks. Speedy recovery, George! We say a special thank you to Kenroy “Smokes” Gladden who withdrew from the race to give assistance to George, causing him not to finish. For this, we are still awarding Smokes with his 3 pts which are given to all finishers.

Special thanks to Stationery House Retail Outlet, Ordonez Bike Shop, Cattouse Trucking, Bruce Bike Shop, Freetown Drug Store, Milky Way Restaurant, Da Bizz BBQ, Cards Heating and Cooling Inc., FT Williams, Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph, Grace.

The series continues on Saturday, January 30th at the same time and place. Registration Fee: $5.00.

Elite Results
1st – Erwin Middleton
2nd – Mark Staine
3rd – Phillip Leslie
4th – Brandon Cattouse
5th – Byron Pope

Cat 4/5 Results
1st – Ray Cattouse
2nd – Kaya Cattouse
3rd – Ryan Willoughby
4th – Kevin Hope
5th – Wendell Williams

Junior Results
1st – Ernest Bradley
2nd – Darien Anderson
3rd – Andre Belisle
4th – Jeshaun Frazer
5th – Sherwin Requena

1st Ryan Willoughby

1st Ray Cattouse Jr

1st Kaya Cattouse

Results – Race #2

P NAME Race2 Sprint Total
1 Erwin Middleton 35 0 35
2 Mark Staine 30 4 34
3 Phillip Leslie 25 3 28
4 Brandon Cattouse 22 0 22
5 Byron Pope 19 6 25
6 Ernest Bradley 17 0 17
7 Darien Anderson 15 8 23
8 Darnell Barrow 13 0 13
9 Ron McKenzie 11 0 11
10 Ray Cattouse 9 0 9
11 Kaya Cattouse 7 0 7
12 Philton Butler 5 0 5
13 Ryan Willoughby 3 0 3
14 Henry Moriera 3 0 3
15 Quinton Hamilton 3 2 5
16 Andre Belisle 3 0 3
17 Kevin Hope 3 0 3
18 Herman Requena 3 0 3
19 Wendell Williams 3 0 3
20 Jeshaun Frazer 3 0 3

Cumulative Points Standings

Brandon Cattouse 56
Byron Pope 53
Phillip Leslie 50
Gregory Lovell 43
Ron McKenzie 36
Erwin Middleton 35
Mark Staine 34
Darien Anderson 34
Kaya Cattouse 20
Giovanni Lovell 17
Ernest Bradley 17
Kenroy Gladden 17
Ray Cattouse 14
Philton Butler 14
Darnell Barrow 13
Vallan Symns 7
Kevin Hope 6
Jeshaun Frazer 6
Quinton Hamilton 5
Sherwin Requena 3
Herman Requena 3
Marlon Swift 3
Wendell Williams 3
Ryan Willoughby 3
Dean Boyce 3
Trajan Humes 3
Collin Maheia 3
Henry Moriera 3
Andre Belisle 3
Justin Faux 3


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