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C-Ray Saturday Race Series 2016


Submitted by: Kaya Cattouse, C-Ray Cycling Club

The C-Ray Cycling Club commits every year to host a series of Saturday Races which leads up to the Annual Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic, which this year will be on March 26th.  The races are open to cyclist of the Junior, Female, Category 4/5 (Weekend Warriors) and Elite Categories. It is one race with separate prizes.  Saturday, 16th January was the first race of the series.  Weekly prizes are given but the series are based on a points system where at the end, the winners will receive bigger prizes.  Points are gained based on your finish position and there are also sprint points along the race route.  These races are organized by the C-Ray Cycling Club in an effort to have our local guys better prepared for the 144 miles journey.

Thirty cyclists lined up for the 24 mile race including 6 Juniors, 9 Elite and 15 Category 4/5 & 1 Female.  At the start of the race Giovanni Lovell, Ron McKenzie and Kenroy “Smokes” Gladden set the pace and went on to establish the early break.  They were joined later by Byron Pope, Brandon Cattouse and Greg Lovell who went across from the peleton without extending an invitation to anyone to join their party.  While there were many attacks to try to get across the break after that, only one was successful; Phillip Leslie, he made a solo effort to close the gap and join the guys in front making the lead group 7 guys strong.  At Fresh Pond, Brandon Cattouse was the first to pass the Station Prize line where he won himself a gift certificate from Da Bizz BBQ.  Just before the return at the Hattieville Roundabout, there were many attacks from the Megabytes teammates in the lead group; Byron and Phillip, they managed to narrow down the group to 5 leaving Giovanni and Smokes dangling between the lead and the peleton.

Meanwhile in the back, Darien Anderson, Philton Butler and Kaya Cattouse had managed to escape from the peleton just before the return and managed to catch up with Smokes some 7 miles from the finish.  These four cyclist formed “Chase #2” and they were in hot pursuit of the Giovanni (Chase #1) who they managed to catch just a 1/4 mile before the finish line.

At the back, chase #3 was formed when an attack came from veteran cyclist Ray Cattouse who was followed by Vallan Symns, Dean Boyce and Collin Maheia.  They got away from the peleton and managed to hold them off to the line.

The second station prize was won by Phillip Leslie on the return at Fresh Pond.  After Leslie’s effort to get the prize, his teammate, Byron, launched an attack eager to get away solo but Greg Lovell and Brandon Cattouse wouldn’t have it that way.  The three of them continued to the line leaving Leslie and McKenzie behind.

Coming to the tape after 58 minutes of speed racing averaging 25 mph, Greg Lovell showed his power and started the sprint; neither Brandon nor Byron could get around him and finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.  A few seconds later Phillip Leslie crossed the line to take 4th place followed closely by Ron McKenzie who rounded out the top 5.  Two minutes later, 5 cyclist came to the line, Giovanni Lovell taking the sprint followed by Kenroy “Smokes” Gladden, Kaya Cattouse, Darien Anderson and Philton Butler who finished in that order to claim 6th through10th positions.  Some three minutes later Vallan Symns (11th) out sprinted Ray Cattouse (12th), Dean Boyce (13th) and Collin Maheia (14th) in that order.  Marlon Swift (15th) won the bunch sprint thereafter followed by Jeshaun Frazer (16th), Justin Faux (17th), Sherwin Requena (18th), Kevin Hope (19th) and Trajan Humes (20th).

Race #1 Podium Results

1.    Gregory Lovell
2.    Brandon Cattouse
3.    Byron Pope
4.    Phillip Leslie
5.    Ron McKenzie

1.    Darien Anderson
2.    Jeshaun Fraser
3.    Sherwin Requena

Category 4/5 & Female
1.    Kenroy Gladden
2.    Kaya Cattouse
3.    Vallan Symns
4.    Ray Cattouse
5.    Dean Boyce


Cumulative Points – Ending Week 1

P NAME Race1 Sprint Total
1 Gregory Lovell 35 8 43
2 Brandon Cattouse 30 4 34
3 Byron Pope 25 3 28
4 Phillip Leslie 22 0 22
5 Ron McKenzie 19 6 25
6 Kenroy Gladden 17 0 17
7 Giovanni Lovell 15 2 17
8 Kaya Cattouse 13 0 13
9 Darien Anderson 11 0 11
10 Philton Butler 9 0 9
11 Vallan Symns 7 0 7
12 Ray Cattouse 5 0 5
13 Dean Boyce 3 0 3
14 Collin Maheia 3 0 3
15 Marlon Swift 3 0 3
16 Jeshaun Frazer 3 0 3
17 Justin Faux 3 0 3
18 Sherwin Requena 3 0 3
19 Kevin Hope 3 0 3
20 Trajan Humes 3 0 3



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