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Belmopan DigiCell 4G Sweeps Pre-Xmas 2015 Road Race.


At 12:16pm today, Sunday, December 20 2015, Greg Lovell (Belmopan DigiCell 4G) soloed across the finish line to take the final race on the 2015 calendar for the Cycling Federation of Belize. Seconds earlier, Lovell and teammate Richard Santiago emerged from the final turn in the distance as survivors of the decisive break that finished +01:09 before a secondary break. Lovell stood up as they rounded the corner coming to the line, in what could only be described as a ceremonial sprint, as victory was in hand and Santiago strolled in behind. Out of the secondary break, Leroy Cassasola, also of Belmopan DigiCell 4G, cruised in for third followed be another teammate Giovanni Lovell, who edged out Brandon Morgan (Westrac Alliance) to round out the top five.

We caught up with the top man in the Belmopan DigiCell 4G management team, Johnny Borland, to gain some insight into the team’s 2016 outlook. Borland explained, “This race is the last in the line of preparation for the Krem New Year’s Day Classic. It is definitely a measure to see where we are at; if we’re peaking or at near peak condition to compete for the New Year’s Classic. As we know, the competition for that day will not only be among the local riders but we also have the foreign competition, but this was last test before that big one”. With no foreign riders on local teams in 2016, his concern about looking beyond the local teams is completely in order. However, where they stand now relative to those local teams cannot be overlook. Borland continued, “The team’s form is definitely heading towards 90%. We still have a few more days to get in a few more interval training before tapering down for the last five to seven days before the classic. Some members of the other teams seem to be in decent form. There were some mishaps today in this race so you can’t really measure their performance by the way we swept the race, but kudos to my team. They all did what they had to do. They rode very well and seem to be coming into form, but I cannot underestimate the other teams, especially who had mishaps that kept them out of it today”.

With this win and decent outings in smaller courses in the past two weeks, Gregory Lovell would do well to ride this momentum into 2016 after being eclipsed this year in the headlines by younger brother and teammate Giovanni Lovell. Leading up to January 1st, we’ll take a deeper look at Belmopan DigiCell 4G as well as the other teams hoping to make a mark in 2015.

In the Elite Women’s category, Kaya Cattouse (C-Ray Cycling Team) clipped Alicia Thompson (Belize Bank Swoosh) at the line for the win. Patricia Chavarria, also of C-Ray Cycling, took the third spot. In the Junior Men’s category Darien Anderson (SMART Zoom) edged out teammate Ernest Bradley in a bunch sprint to take the top spot. Brian Sutherland (Cabral/Maring) rounded out the final podium position.

Preliminary Results


  1. Gregory Lovell, Belmopan DigiCell 4G
  2. Richard Santiago, Belmopan DigiCell 4G
  3. Leroy Cassasola, Belmopan DigiCell 4G
  4. Giovanni Lovell, Belmopan DigiCell 4G
  5. Brandon Morgan, Westrac Alliance
  6. Herman Requena, SMART Zoom
  7. Peter Choto, C-Ray Road Addikzx
  8. Jose Choto, C-Ray Road Addikzx
  9. Byron Pope, Benny’s Megabytes
  10. Joel Borland, Belmopan DigiCell 4G
  11. Henry Moriera, SMART Zoom
  12. Brandon Cattouse, C-Ray Road Addikzx
  13. Nissan Arana, Westrac Alliance
  14. Joslyn Chavarria Jr, Belmopan DigiCell 4G
  15. Robert Mariano, DigiCell 4G Cycling



  1. Kaya Cattouse, C-Ray Cycling
  2. Alicia Thompson, Belize Bank/Swoosh
  3. Patricia Chavarria, C-Ray Cycling


Junior Men

  1. Darien Anderson, SMART Zoom
  2. Ernest Bradley, SMART Zoom
  3. Brian Sutherland, Cabral/Marin
  4. Sherwin Requena, Cabral/Marin
  5. Anthony Lewis Jr, Westrac Alliance

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