Belmopan Classic 2015, What Did We Learn?


Well the winds of the Belmopan Classic have blown Guy East of Santino’s Ride to Victory into the championship. The winds played a very big part into deciding the champ. The peloton was all over 30mph for the first 15 miles, with speeds touching 40mph. Geovanni  Choto made the move that created the 7 man break  around mile 13 and that was it. The 7 men consisted of Guy East and Marlon Castillo of Santino’s Ride to Victory, Geovanni Choto and Brandon Cattouse  C-Ray Road Addikzx, Jose Robles Western Spirit Cycling Team, Jose Mojica Benny’s Megabytes Elite and Joel Borland DigiCell 4G Elite Cycling Team. These seven came all the way to around 4 miles to go before Joel Borland made a move that was countered by Guy East, who took it all the way for the big win.

So what have we learned?

First we look at the positives:

  1. Belizeans created the break.
  2. Belizeans did as much or even more work in the break.
  3. Belizeans where the majority in the break

Now we look at the negatives:

  1. We lost the race.
  2. We allowed the foreigner to get away from us.
  3. We did not unite to defend the land.

In my conclusion, I know that the Belizean riders are in great form and We Will Defend the Garland Come Cross Country.

We need to support our boys with big crowds, and we need the boys to look at each other as Belizeans, who say “If I can’t win another Belizean will win with my help.

I remind everyone these thoughts are mine and mine alone, so God Bless and safe riding to all.


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