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Alliance Takes Another Stage, Yapur Keeps Red


The stage is set for a big showdown tomorrow in Stage 5 of the 2016 Valentine Tour. Joel Borland (DigiCell 4G) gained one second on current leader Juan Manuel Yapur (Team Yapurland) at the end of stage four that ended three hours ago. Keion Robateau (Westrac Alliance) took the stage win as he out-kicked Joel Vanegas (DigiCell 4G) and Joel Borland who settled for second and third, respectively. No break was able to get away today, but with two laps to go, Vanegas took a stab a solo win off the front. The field closed on him coming into the final quarter mile and Robateau over-took him for the win. This is the second stage win for Westrac Alliance as they opened the tour with a win by Nissan Arana in Stage 1. The GC fight remains at a virtual stand still as previously established by the stage 3 results earlier in the day.

“I will be keeping an eye on Borland tomorrow”, said Yapur. He added that he knows he doesn’t have the team to help him on the road, as two of his teammates had to return to Mexico before today’s stages. He lost a second today but was happy with the result considering he had a mechanical issue after a wheel change. Additionally, he expressed his gratitude to his remaining teammate Luis Avila Balam whom he said kept him in a good position considering the faulty cassette on his spare wheel which didn’t allow him to push as hard as he would have liked.

Brandon Cattouse also locked up the green jersey going into the final stage. With only a maximum of 3 sprint points on the road and 1 at the finish, Cattouse is poised to wear that jersey at the end of the day.

General Classification After Stage 4

1 YAPUR Juan Manuel (MEX) Team Yapurland 0:00:00
2 BORLAND Joel Adan (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:00:09
3 HARKEY Chris (USA) Team Starlight 0:00:10
4 CATTOUSE Brandon (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:00:17
5 QUIROZ Oscar Jr (BIZ) Western Spirit Cycling Team 0:00:19
6 POPE Byron (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:00:33
7 ARANA Nissan (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:00:43
8 FLOWERS Tarique (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:01:01
9 STEWART Robert Liam (BIZ) Western Spirit Cycling Team 0:01:11
10 LOVELL Giovanni (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:01:13
11 ROBATEAU Keion (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:01:26
12 VANEGAS Joel (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:01:30
13 AVILA BALAM Luis Jose (MEX) Team Yapurland 0:01:38
14 MIDDLETON Erwin (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:01:56
14 REQUENA Herman (BIZ) Team SMART 0:01:56
16 VASQUEZ Ron (BIZ) Western Spirit Cycling Team 0:02:00
17 FLYNN David (USA) Team Starlight 0:02:01
18 FIGUEROA Zahir (BIZ) BECOL Uprising Cycling Team 0:02:08
18 GABOUREL Kent (BIZ) Unattached 0:02:08
20 STAINE Mark (BIZ) Team SMART 0:02:14
21 TZIB Angel (BIZ) BECOL Uprising Cycling Team 0:02:35
22 GUERRA Jesmar (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:02:41
23 CANO Tariq (BIZ) Team SMART 0:02:47
24 BARROW Darnell (BIZ) Team SMART 0:02:53
25 SANTIAGO Richard (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:03:02
26 ABRAHAM Delawn (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:03:09
27 HENDERSON David (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:03:22
28 CHOTO Jose (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:03:23
29 MORIERA Henry (BIZ) Team SMART 0:03:38
30 COLEMAN Elston (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:03:53
31 JONES Shane (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:04:05
32 HAMILTON Quinton (BIZ) Unattached 0:04:55
33 GLADDEN Kenroy (BIZ) Unattached 0:05:20
34 CHOTO Peter (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:05:28
35 MORGAN Brandon (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:05:34
36 JOSEPH Fitzgerald (BIZ) LAMPAZ Cycling Team 0:07:56
37 LESLIE Phillip (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 0:07:57
38 WILLACEY ISAIAH (BIZ) Unattached 0:08:32
39 CASASOLA Leroy (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:08:33
40 MARIANO Robert (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 0:10:58
41 BUTLER Philton (BIZ) Unattached 0:11:15
42 SWASEY Kevin (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:21:21
43 McKENZIE Ron (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 0:23:17
44 LOVELL George Sr (BIZ) Unattached 0:24:57
45 CHOTO Rafael (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 0:27:33

Sprint Points After Stage 4

1 CATTOUSE Brandon (BIZ) C-RAY Road Addikz 9
2 ARANA Nissan (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 6
3 McKENZIE Ron (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 5
4 ROBATEAU Keion (BIZ) Westrac Alliance 5
5 QUIROZ Oscar Jr (BIZ) Western Spirit Cycling Team 3
6 BORLAND Joel Adan (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 2
7 FLOWERS Tarique (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 2
8 VANEGAS Joel (BIZ) DigiCell 4G Cycling Team 2
9 HENDERSON David (BIZ) Benny's Megabytes Elite 1
10 AVILA BALAM Luis Jose (MEX) Team Yapurland 1

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