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Choto Wins Cayo Circuit Race


Santa Elena, BELIZE

Yesterday, the last day of February 2015, Geovanni Choto (C-Ray Road Addikzx) rolled across the finish line at the Post-Valentine Criterium 0:02:53 ahead of Joel Borland (DigiCell 4G) on the La Loma Luz Boulevard, Santa Elena, Cayo District.  Rafael Choto (C-Ray Road Addikzx) crossed the finish a minute after Borland to round out the podium.

The field comprised predominantly of riders from western Belize, would have to navigate the slanted boulevard for 20 laps to complete 40 miles. The finish line on a slight incline does not tell the tale of the sharp climb at the opposite turning point. The 25 man starting list featured strong contenders from DigiCell 4G, Western Spirit and C-Ray Road Addikzx; the only teams with more than three riders each.

It was not long before the integrity of the peloton was tested as Richard Santiago (DigiCell 4G), Angel Tzib (SMART Zoom) and Rafael Choto launched the first attack two and half laps in. The trio pushed the pace for about four laps, and maximum gap of 35 seconds, before Choto and Tzib dropped Santiago as they tried to hold off the fast closing peloton, now less than 15 seconds back. Coming into the seventh lap Osacr Quiroz (Western Spirit), Giovanni Lovell (DigiCell 4G), Joel Borland and Geovanni Choto (C-Ray Road Addikzx) bridged the gap to catch the leaders. The new lead combination was short lived as Rafael and Geovanni Choto attacked on the following lap and only Borland was able to respond. The eventual winners pounded the course hard opening as much as two minutes on the peloton which by this time had all but agreed to hold form. The decisive moment came with five laps to go when Geovanni Choto attacked coming out the opposite turn climb. After the finish, Borland sighed, “I had no more legs on that attack”. Geovanni would open up a full minute on Borland with two laps left and two and half minutes on Rafael, who obviously did not set chase.

Choto Sandwich

Choto brothers (C-Ray Road Addikzx) double team Borlan (DigiCell 4G)


We didn’t have Brandon [Cattouse] so rode for Geov”, said Rafael Choto after the finish. Geovanni explained, “The plan was to try to win solo because we didn’t have a sprinter; so my teammates attacked early so I could rest.” He continued, “I felt better going into the last five laps and I thank God for the win”.

DigiCell 4G manager John Borland admitted a similar strategy when Santiago jumped out early because his rider rode earlier in the 7th C-Ray Saturday Race. He added, “The back to back races are good because it’s like stage races and we need more races to better our level”. He closed by saying that his team is going into a 1 month training camp starting today, where in the first two weeks they will tackle the undulating Jalacte Roadway in Punta Gorda and close out by returning to Belmopan for the remainder of the camp; all in preparation for the 87th Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic on April 4th.


Top Ten Results

  1. Geovanni Choto (C-Ray Raod Addikzx)
  2. Joel Borland (DigiCell 4G)
  3. Rafael Choto (C-Ray Raod Addikzx)
  4. Joslyn Chavarria (DigiCell 4G)
  5. Angel Tzib (SMART Zoom)
  6. Peter Choto (C-Ray Raod Addikzx)
  7. Erwin Middleton (Benny’s Megabytes)
  8. Zahir Figueroa (BECOL Uprising)
  9. Giovanni Lovell (DigiCell 4G)
  10. Jeffrey Monzingo (Unattached)


In the Junior Category, Shaun Codd (Team Police) was first overall.


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