2015 Belmopan Classic Forecast


The wind is blowing strong, as March brings in the kite season and the Belmopan Classic. The cyclist are preparing to deal with the strong cross winds that they will face on 15 March 2015. The Belmopan Classic is a race that shows who will be contenders or pretenders for the Annual Holy Day Cross Country Classic. Leading into this year’s 34th running of the Belmopan Classic, sponsored by SMART, we know that the defending champ Mr. Ignacio Prado (MEX) of Benny’s Megabytes is in great form as he took the Valentines Mini Tour held in February.

However, let’s take a look at the Belizeans that showed themselves to be coming into form.

Brandon Cattouse (C-Ray Road Addikzx)
Brandon was second in the Valentine Mini Tour and has dominated the recent Saturday races. Brandon has shown that he is willing to work in the breaks and still be able to sprint very well at the finish. However, he needs to gauge his efforts when in the break, and have faith in his ability to attack as the aggressor and remove the title of being a shadow rider. Brandon still goes into the Belmopan Classic as the man to beat as his team is very solid including the Chotos.

Byron Pope (Benny’s Megabytes)
Byron is one of Belize’s most dedicated riders. He was in the top 5 at the Valentine Mini Tour and was the most aggressive rider in the last stage. However, he had the luxury of the leader of the Tour, Ignacio Prado, on his team. Byron is a well-rounded rider who can do most things well, however, his short coming is his team, as they usual bring in foreigners with free reign to win, which puts Byron as plan B. Byron has the ability and the proven will to win.

Marlon Castillo (Santino’s/Ride To Victory)
Marlon is Belize’s most decorated active cyclist. Marlon the big “diesel” seems to have found some good form in a short time. He was also in the top 5 at the Valentine Mini Tour. He seems to have found some motivation from being reunited with team Santino’s. Marlon needs to be consistent with his training, as he has taken breaks from cycling as much as his team owner has retired, just to return. Marlon is just like all of us, not getting any younger, he needs to be discipline and focus and the sky is the limit with him. He is a very deadly rider in this windy classic.

Giovanni Lovell (DigiCell 4G)
Giovanni is one of Belize’s top young talent and a well rounded under 23 rider. He and his team members make up one of the youngest Belizean teams. Giovanni has the potential to win this race, with his pacing ability in these strong winds and his willingness to be great. Do not be surprise by a big move by him. His team is strong, however they seem to go into races without a clear leader.

Henry Moreira (SMART Zoom)
Henry is one of Belize’s most consistent riders, even though he is a master rider. Henry has taken the captainship of this team. Henry will be around as he is a high cadence rider, however it will be up to him to make that gamble for a win and not just settle into coming in the bunch. His team has a number of previous classic champs. The question will be who is willing to sacrifice for the team.

Oscar Quiroz (Western Spirit)
Quiroz is another one of the young and upcoming cyclist in Belize. Oscar was also in the top 5 in the Valentine Tour. He seem to have had sum cramping problems in the final stage of the tour. Oscar and his team will need to figure out if the cramping was from a lack of condition or just not rehydrating to time. Oscar is a pretty good sprinter. He has a team that is very strong for this type of race, so if they protect him well and keep him out of the wind he has a solid chance.

These are just a few of the names that will be key players, however, “Once you are in it you can win it” I would like to wish all the cyclist a safe ride in the 34th  Belmopan Classic sponsored by SMART.

God Bless


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